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042 Melissa Ford

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The power of shifting to being of service. After twelves years of failing to fill workshops, Melissa hired a coach who helped her shift her focus, and since then she has continued to expand, grow and evolve. This episode gives us all an insight into the journey of an extremely experienced coach, someone who has invested significantly in her own development and whose clients continue to benefit from that investment. This one is all about service, service, and being of service.

Here’s a little more about Melissa:
Melissa Ford is a seasoned business and life coach. Her experience shows us that we can change our passions into thriving careers, allowing us to do what we love and be paid well to do it. Early on she struggled with the same fears and self-doubts that keep so many from being successful. But that changed when she finally learned how to master sales through profound service, allowing her to build a prosperous business and live a more loving and inspired life.

Today, she uses her knowledge and experience to powerfully coach entrepreneurs and coaches, helping them increase their incomes and grow their businesses by making sales exciting, genuine and profitable.
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