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072 Peter Sleigh

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Being Lived

Having built a very successful accountancy business over the last 12 years, Peter transitioned to full-time coaching in 2019. His dedication to being of service is both compelling and inspiring, and he shares with much enthusiasm and openness how his journey is unfolding right before his eyes…

Here’s a little more about Peter
Peter Sleigh is a transformational coach having graduated from Michael Neil’s SuperCoach Academy in 2019. Peter’s route to transformational coaching came via more traditional coaching through NLP and Diplomas in Personal Performance Coaching and Small Business Coaching with The Coaching Academy.

Peter is a Chartered Certified Accountant and has grown an accountancy practice from his back bedroom to a business which employs 10 people in the UK and 15 people in a processing unit in Asia.

Peter loves the impact that transformational coaching has on practically everyone’s life and has a real passion for coaching. He is no longer involved with the accountancy business on a day to day basis and dedicates his time to help as many people as possible benefit from seeing the inside out nature of life through coaching and teaching.

Peter is married with a 17 year old son. He enjoys working out with his Personal Trainer and watching his football club, Leeds United.

You can find Peter on Facebook at
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