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080 Steve Chandler

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The Godfather of Coaching

How could this possibly be called The Coaching Life Podcast without the Godfather of Coaching as a guest? Yes, he made the top 80!

With his masterful humor and clarity, Steve Chandler shares:

• What started him writing and how, over 30 books later, his methods may change during his retirement.
• How he had to break a family tradition to overcome addiction.
• How to deal with ANY problem, and what’s the one question that can help you deal with any situation?
• Why the Ultimate Coach may not be for everyone.
• What happens when you lose yourself in your work, and turn the camera around to the client.
• How a rebel philosopher helped him discover the 3Ps.
• Why Steve doesn’t want you to remember him and what he’d like you to take from his work instead.
• The role his wife Kathy plays in all he does.

You can find Steve’s Online ACS here.

Here’s a little more about Steve:

Steve Chandler is a life coach and business coach and one of America’s best-selling authors whose 34 books have been translated into over 30 foreign language editions throughout Europe, China, Japan, the Middle East and Latin America.

Chandler graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Creative Writing and Political Science, and spent four years in the U.S. Army in Language and Psychological Warfare. His Coaching Prosperity School (The ACS) has been serving coaches from all over the world for 13 years, and is now available online as a multiple-lesson video and audio masterclass.

You can find out more about Steve at
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