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086 Michael Fall

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Honouring Presence

A life-long philosopher, Michael discovered the 3Ps in 2015 in the heyday of running a successful fitness business. This prompted another career change, and just a few years later, after continuing to invest in his own development, he has sold his gym business and is a full time coach.

In this episode we discuss:

* Being a cheerleader vs being in knowing
* The power of honouring your client
* The nuances of teaching and presence
* Do people need help?
* The value of accreditation

Here’s a little more about Michael

Michael has been a professional coach since 2007. Helping people realize their possibility and potential is his calling and it began with a conversation with his mother about guidance counseling in 1983. That was the moment he knew why he was here, to awaken the possibility and potential in all of us. Since then, whether working as a personal support worker with disabled kids, as an educational assistant in a special needs class, supply teacher, the owner of a martial arts studio and a CrossFit gym, to being a professional coach, his purpose allows him to help those he serves to flourish.

You can find out more about Michael at
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