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087 Hugh Osborne

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The Simplicity of Being Happy

A former addict, hairdresser, and Harley Street therapist, Hugh now lives in Switzerland, is the author of 3 books, and works as a coach and therapist, helping people overcome their addictions.

In this conversation we discuss:

* At his lowest point, what came to mind to help him move forward?
* How the losing of control gave an artificial sense of control.
* Some of the steps he took to set up his therapy practice in a way that enabled him to support his family.
* The value of imperfection and embracing being human.
* What we would like to be different about ourselves.
* Playing the game, and reflect on some coaching trainings.

Hugh gives one of my favourite answers ever to my final question.

Here’s a little more about Hugh, in his own words:

“In 1997, after a long period of drug abuse, my life fell apart in a way that it could never be the same again. This turned out to be a good thing!

As my addictions ended, I knew I had an opportunity to re-build my life. I am so grateful I had that choice, and that I took it!

Since the re-build began, I worked hard on becoming better at being myself. This has not always been easy. Aside from my many and varied addictions, I have struggled with anxiety, confidence, and relationship issues. I have also had times where my life seemed to lack meaning and purpose.

Along the way, I have worked with some really great coaches, therapists, and guides, who have helped me get clear about who I am and what my life stands for.

These days my life is primarily guided by my core values, two of which are kindness and imperfection.

Kindness because, for me, this is one of the most important human qualities. The world needs more of it, so I am doing my part!

Imperfection because, for me, we are all fellow strugglers finding our way on this journey through life. Our struggles are not an obstacle to growth. They are our growth!

I love helping my clients find freedom from addiction and change their lives! I love helping people realise they can have more of what they want, with the strengths and resources that they already have!

One of the great things about choosing a path of personal growth is that one day you get to look back and tell a different story about the journey you have been on. I love helping people come to that place where the dots join up and they can see their personal history through new eyes.”

You can find out more about Hugh at
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