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095 Peter McCammon

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Experience Leads

Peter is a gem of a genuine coach, self-described as relatively new to the profession. However, it’s very apparent he has extensive experience outside of coaching that is relevant to coaching, and most of his clients are also from all walks of life outside the profession.

During this conversation we discussed:

* Peter’s story of transitioning from the family business into coaching, via psychotherapy.
* His evolution as a coach over the last 3 years.
* How he created his first clients.
* What he noticed about clients not signing up.
* What a full practice looks like.
* A somewhat controversial system he’s been using to connect with some new clients.
* How his experiences in his family business and as a psychotherapist help his coaching

In his own words, here’s a little more about Peter:
‘I am 55 years old and married with 2 grown-up kids. I love coaching, am passionate about health and fitness (I want to be still coaching when I’m 70) and have never been more excited about my future.

I am fairly new to coaching. I trained in 2016 after 20 years in retailing and 10 years as a psychotherapist. A burnout experience led to my move from retail to psychotherapy. Coaching was really more of a hobby until late 2020, when I hired a coach and started coaching full-time. It took me 12 months to fill my practice and another 12 months to increase my fees to the point where my practice started to feel sustainable. My clients are mostly owners, founders, directors and leaders in SME’s across a range of sectors. I also work with some coaches. My work is mostly helping people to get clear about what they really want to create in their life, their work and their relationships and then to help them to see the amazingness that is already within them so that they can go and create whatever it is that they want. If they want help with the creating part, I can help with that too.’

You can find out more about Peter at
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