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097 Dean Powell

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Bali Brotherhood

A one hour chat with my dear friend in Bali.
In this conversation we discuss:

* The magic of men’s circles, and what inspired Dean to start facilitating them.
* Handling things when they get tough.
* Dean’s journey into addiction and through recovery.
* The intoxicating nature of Bali and how it was to live there during the pandemic
* Bali shredding.
* Happiness, contentment, and being okay.
* The power of not giving advice.
* Dean’s ‘unconventional’ marriage, the safety of commitment, and how he stays connected with his wife.
* The power of humour in our experience of life, and why people get offended.
* Water Fasting for 40 days
* What men want and their biggest struggle in life!

Apologies for the quality and imbalance of the sound in this episode, due to my over-excitement in missing doing some pre-recording checks. I hope this will not take away any enjoyment of the conversation, which is most definitely worth your time to listen.

Here’s a little more about Dean:
Dean is a living testament to the transformative power of self-empowerment and a steadfast dedication to guiding individuals from all walks of life towards discovering inspiration from within. With over two decades of hands-on experience, Dean has established himself as a highly regarded relationship coach, author, educator, and counsellor.

His professional journey encompasses a diverse range of roles, where he has provided guidance to individuals, couples, and groups, navigating the intricate dynamics of human connections. Dean's expertise goes beyond the conventional, as he seamlessly integrates his deep musical background into his practice. He has orchestrated and led numerous drumming circles, cacao ceremonies, men's circles, mixed circles, and an array of workshops designed to empower others to find and express their authentic selves.

Dean's unique approach extends beyond the realms of traditional coaching, as he serves as a facilitator, master equilibrator, and beta release practitioner. He not only imparts knowledge and skills but shares the wealth of his profound life experiences and genuine compassion. This combination, coupled with his keen insight and unwavering humanity, enables him to authentically connect with those who seek his guidance, providing assistance and relief.
In every facet of his work, Dean remains committed to fostering personal growth and transformation. His ability to listen attentively and connect with individuals on a deep level sets him apart, making him a trusted ally for those embarking on their journey towards self-discovery and fulfilment.

You can find out more about Dean’s work on Instagram at
His Youtube channel:

And his Quantum Shift Process -
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