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You cannot harbour resentment in one part of your life and be truly, deeply happy in another. True happiness is the heart that holds no resentment, the crystal clear untainted by drops of red.

I’ve coached numerous people who have harboured some form of resentment in one area of their life, and it leaks into all others. The company director struggling to connect with his team until he released resentment around a broken down friendship, the manager unable to get a promotion until she released resentment around a family situation…

Happiness is the greatest lubricant in life, yet it is not fully available to us whilst we obstruct it’s natural flow and energy by holding grievances and resentment. Those little drops of red cloud the whole glass of water.

There is a path, an understanding available to all of us that can help us let go of our resentments and grievances. It’s something I’ve explored for many years, and has played a big part in being open to being able to reconnect with my Dad. And I see the benefits in all areas of my life, including my business and flow of money. In some respects that looks like a miracle, and also makes complete sense.

Once I am open to one miracle, I am open to all miracles. Once I am open to love in one aspect of my life I can be open to love in all aspects of my life.

Once my glass of water is clear, it is reflected in all aspects of my life…

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