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You are not a Concept

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Here’s a slightly modified version of a piece of marketing material I saw someone post a few months ago… One thing that struck me about the original post was how fixed it implies you either are or should be.

Some days even I feel sexy or alluring, or soft and strong. But the nature of the human experience is that these feelings and behaviours are always transient. Dictating who and what we are in this way is just, frankly, unhelpful bullshit.

All the time we are encouraged to look in this kind of direction, at concepts, ideas and ideals, and led to believe we have all of these traits inside of us, we are actually being pointed away from our true essence, which cannot be defined by such heady and alluring concepts and ideals.

No one need hold up a mirror to you that already has a pre-defined image on it. Instead of an endless searching and aspiring to all this bs, when we strip it all away our true self always appears.

This practice of coaches holding up images of supposedly sacred and divine concepts for you to grow into, for you to discover about yourself, search within yourself, is ultimately always unhelpful, usually having you initially feel like you are not enough, too much, have something missing, had yada yada…. and only ever a distraction from your true self.

The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.

We can never live into a concept. Instead of looking at aspects and traits of who we think we are, we are better served by looking at what we have made up that can be stripped away. Rumi said it best when he said: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Since your true essence is love, this can be rewritten as “Your task is not to seek yourself, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within you that yourself have built against you.”
And frankly, aspiring and living into concepts such as all the bs below is ultimately, just building more thinking and more barriers…


She is sexy, alluring, enticing, mysterious.. except when she isn’t.
She is sweet and interesting… except when she isn’t.
She is full. Fierce. Sovereign… except when she isn’t.
She is both simple and complex in her wisdom… except when she isn’t.
She is the divine feminine, embodied… always and irrespective of anything else.
She is sensual and always makes you FEEL something… except when she doesn’t.
She is not for everyone -- only the brave, who are willing to journey into the unknown & be transformed by her… or anyone willing to see her true essence.
She is full and whole, soft and strong… except when she isn’t.
She is powerful, sacred, and boundaried… except when she isn’t.
She is wild & free… except when she isn’t.
She is unique & exquisite - a masterpiece of beauty in all her forms… just like every single one of us.
She requires that you pause and notice her -- her presence is powerful enough to transform every cell in your body, if you will allow it… except when does doesn’t require that or do that…
She will dance with you, and make you radiant, beaming, if you allow her to lead you… except when she doesn’t.
She is magnetic & draws you into her by being her most authentic self… except when she doesn’t.
She is ripe. Ready. Well-resourced… except when she isn’t.
She is lovely, magnificent, & breath-takingly beautiful… like every single one of us.
She is everything she is meant to be. A flawless expression of God, the Universe, of Love. Irrespective of how she feels or shows up in any moment.

In any moment, she is always all she needs to be.