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There's Always Shit Going Down

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Life is always happening, all around us and around the world. As well as conflict, natural disasters, political injustices and family differences, there’s always some planet in retrograde whilst we’re subjected to various eclipses and moon phases.

Each of us always has the capacity and ability to rise above all these outside circumstances, irrespective of how compelling it might seem that they affect us inside. Even if you believe the alignment of planets, moons, stars and weather can affect our moods, we always have the capacity and ability to vibrate higher than our moods, higher than our thinking and all that is going on around us and outside of us.

Throughout history there are stories of people rising above immense personal trauma or challenge. Choosing to be an owner rather than victim. We all have that within us.

In any moment I can choose to be either a victim of my mood, the weather or the moon, or become an owner of how I want to live my life. In any moment I can realise my potential to feel love and rise above all the shit that is always happening around me, and sometimes feel like it is happening within me.

Love is the energy of creation. In love I can always create.

In love I can always rise. Whatever shit is going down.