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Throw Some Stones

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Maybe you’re just back from a conference or training school with a really nice feeling.
Maybe you want to sit with that for a while, let it brew.
Sit and see what occurs.

Be the observer.
Watch the world go by.
Watch others create the ripples you want to swim in.

Dream of the waves of the impact of your new understanding lapping at the shore of possibility.

By all means enjoy your dream. It’s what sleepers do.

Yet.. I know of no better way of creating change in the world than taking action.

And whilst we don’t need to feel good to take action, it’s always more enjoyable if we do.

So maybe now is exactly the time to shift from focusing on being to doing.

Do send that email.
Do have that conversation.
Do make that call.
Do set up that webinar.
Do get a costing for hiring that room for your next event.
One thing.

The ripples of change are created from action.
Throw some stones.

Or maybe you just want to imagine change.
On your sofa.
Feeling nice…