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My Selfish Fear

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The only thing between us and all the clients, success and love that we desire if an obsession with our self.

In almost every conversation I have with clients, there is one emotion that we all use as a means to hold us back from serving others: fear.

Ultimately this fear is one of rejection: if I do this will I be loved and accepted?

A Course in Miracles suggests we all have one basic fear; Am I loved, or am I loveable? Do you recognise that?
People who seem to be dancing in success simply do not listen to these fears. They still experience it, but they see no relevance.
We cannot be of service to others whilst we hold back because of our fear of rejection. Yet to sit on our ability to be of service is surely selfish.

A great measure of self-obsession is the extent to which we listen to our fear of rejection.

The more I listen to this fear, the more concerned I am about me and my self-image over being of service and love to others.

Because of our fear of rejection, it’s often suggested we need courage to take action, to love or be of service. Yet courage is only a conceptual distraction to counterbalance an egotistic misbelief in the relevance of fear.

Sure, fear is part of the human condition, and we need do nothing with it except simply choose to not listen to it. Only your ego says you need courage.

To love others and be of service, we must be less selfish and relinquish our obsession with ourselves. We must be willing to love.