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We Need No Understanding

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✌️We need no understanding to feel peace.✌️

Equally, we need no understanding to feel love.

Every day we see people proliferating ideas about what brings peace. The suggestions are often very subtle - some version of ‘once you see this you’ll feel that.’

The moment someone suggests that when you understand x you’ll feel y, they are simply suggesting you replace one conceptual idea with another, one made-up dependency for peace with another.

But peace has no dependencies and requires no explanation or understanding. It is story-less, despite your story.

The shift from ‘when I have a billion quid / can make a chocolate cake that rises / lose 20 pounds / get through a day without wanting someone else to change’ to ‘we are all one / you only need know your true self / consciousness is having a fun party experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs aka humans’ is not necessary to experience your innate capability to feel any emotion, including peace, love and compassion.

Sure, many of these ideas feel true, seem to invoke some kind of nice feeling in most of us, inspire poetry and a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves. By all means explore and play with these nice ideas, especially if it’s fun and feel good. But that’s all they are. Nice ideas that often feel true.

No one knows.

Peace is not in pretending to know. Of course, us humans like to know stuff, we want to understand, so when we entertain an idea that feels true and gives a reason for peace, it makes sense that it feels good. We might even feel like we’re home, get a glimpse of our true self or God, such is the perceived security of ‘knowing.’

Yet, peace has no dependencies at all. Least of all understandings for which humans have searched for millennia.

And if you disagree with me here, that’s okay too. It doesn’t matter. Peace is available to you, regardless of whether we agree or not.

You don't need to understand or know anything to feel peace, to feel love, despite all of life's noise to the contrary, including noise portrayed as the only understanding you need.

Peace is free.
Free of all understanding, concepts and ideas. About us, the world, God, consciousness, fruit cake and bananas.

Maybe peace is just another name for love.
Or maybe that’s another nice idea too ;)


Picture at La Granadella⁩, ⁨Valencia⁩, ⁨Spain⁩
How peaceful ;)